Greenhouses are especially popular with gardeners who have collections of plants, such as orchids, bromeliads or cactuses. Before you invest time and money, it is essential every gardener must list down a few tips that will aid him/her in getting the best greenhouse for a price he/she can afford.


It is vital to choose a site that gets ample amount of light and is yet sheltered from strong winds. If you plan to heat the greenhouse with electrical heaters, then proximity to the house will be an advantage in installing electricity inexpensively. Allow at least 2ft of access space around the greenhouse for cleaning or making repairs. It is worth considering a well finished aluminum design or an attractive wooden model, if the greenhouse is visible from the house.

Eave Height

There should be at least 1ft of space above your head when standing. To grow tall plants, such as cordon tomatoes, a greenhouse needs to measure at least 5ft from base to eaves.

Heating or Non-Heating

Make sure that you give enough thought to potential heating methods before you buy greenhouse, even if you don’t intend to heat your greenhouse immediately. The market is full of various greenhouse heaters and a good paraffin based model will do enough in keeping the warmth intact besides providing CO₂ for plants to provide them growing energy.

After Sales Service

Choose to buy the greenhouse from a company that provides relevant information about the product, after sales service. Also look for any existing feedbacks that the company may have received and based on your experience of communicating with them, decide if they are worth the money you wish to spend on their products.

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