With the onset of modernity in almost every sector and due to man’s efforts to align the natural resources in his favor, various inventions have taken place in the last couple of decades. One such innovative and breathtaking invention is the greenhouse, which has made gardening a less cumbersome affair. After reading this, many of you would be wondering, what a greenhouse is? Well, greenhouse is a glass building in which plants & flowers are grown under manually controlled environmental conditions. In other words, they are technologically advanced storage buildings whose walls and roofs are made up of glass.

The reason for using materials like glass for construction of greenhouse is that they are transparent materials which help in controlling the temperature and maintaining it at an optimum level that suits the growth of plants. Further, the phenomenon of the greenhouse effect is used to an extent for maintaining a tab on various other components of the environment such as sunlight, C02, relative humidity, and water. Due to proper usage of this scientifically approved process, the gardeners have successfully created many gardens that are full of blooming flowers & plants. The greenhouses have also been used for intensifying the beauty of backyards, storing unused household products, small gatherings, and commercial & educational purposes. All in all, these greenhouses are extremely popular among people who logardening.

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