Even if you are a sun worshipper, you would still need a shade to protect yourself from the scorching heat. And, when it comes to outdoor enjoyment, it becomes more important. There are a number of outdoor sun shade accessories available on the market, however umbrellas are quite popular for years. They are designed to provide large shade coverage in an upscale style while enhancing your outdoor living experience. So, you should outfit your garden, deck or patio with an umbrella that will surely help you create a comfortable outdoor space for having fun with family or friends. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing the umbrella for your needs.

Size:  It is one of the major considerations while deciding on buying the umbrella that precisely fit your needs and budget. To simplify your measurement, remember that the umbrella should always be 4-5 feet larger than the intended area to be covered.

Material: Different materials serve different purposes. A PVC umbrella can block 100% UV light and can even withstand bad weathers, whereas canvas canopies can block sun rays but are not water resistant. A shade cloth can block 90-95% UV rays and can withstand small amounts of rain, but is not entirely waterproof. So, always look for umbrellas that offer adequate UV protection and are capable to tolerate harsh weather conditions, without any wear or tear.

Frames: How you intend to use your umbrella will precisely define your frame selection. Metal umbrellas use push-button tilts or a crank lift that lets the umbrella to be angled in any direction. On the other hand, a wooden umbrella cannot be rotated and is opened manually by using the pulley method. So frame selection goes down to your personal choice and the environment where the umbrella will be used.

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