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Arrow Sheds Assembly Tips

1. Identify which Model Number you have.

  • Product label is located on a Gable Section in the inside of bldg

  • On multiple carton units the model number on labels should be identical. 

2. Where is the Instruction Manual?

  • Inside the Hardware Bag. In the #1 carton on multiple carton units

3. Holes in panels are not aligning up with the holes in the floor frame

  • Check floor frame size.

  • Check unit for squareness

  • Make sure building is level.

  • Be sure corner panels are installed with the widest side of the panel to the side of the building.

  • Line up large holes in panel with small holes in floor frame.

4. Floor frame does not align with foundation kit.

  • Foundation channel pieces need to be made the correct size for this size building. Floor frame of bldg. also needs to be correct dimensions.

  • Cross channels inside foundation kit needs to be spaced apart at proper dimension.

  • Building does not meet specified size.

  • Buildings are nominal in size. Measurements are taken from exterior dimension, giving it a model number to correspond with approximate size of unit.

5. Holes in roof panels do not line up with the holes in the roof beam and side wall angles.

  • Building is out of square- may be in square at bottom but not at top. If building is out of square, rack and push the shed until it falls back in square. Also loosen the roof panels to give more play and flexibility. Do not attach the bottom of roof panels to side wall angles until all the roof panels are up.

  • Building is not level.

  • Be sure panels are installed in proper location.

  • Building should not be anchored until complete unit is assembled.

6. Doors on the building do not hang level.

  • Door track needs to be installed with long leg on top and short on bottom.

  • Door slides should be straddling the upper & lower legs of door track assembly putting door slide only half way in track. Rounded end of door slide is at the bottom and square end at the top with the pins or knobs next to each other.

7. Rear wall angle and channels are too large to fit inside of rear wall panels.

  • Check dimension of assemblies. They are to be slightly smaller than the floor frames.

  • Lay assemblies on top of rear floor frame and pull it up to the top of the wall panels causing the comer panels to stand erect and not lean inward.

8. Missing main roof beam.

  • Four assemblies are to be made up of 1 right and 1 left roof beam. Two assemblies are to be put back to back to make up the main roof beam. A single assembly is to be installed on each side of roof 

9. Wide rib always overlaps the crimped rib.

  • This sequence is to be followed through the process of construction. However, at one point there will be either 2 crimped ribs overlapping or 2 wide ribs overlapping. This may give it a tighter fit, but it will work.

10. Leaking.

  • Make sure all weather-stripping and washers are used.

  • Check if weather-stripping tape is adhering to panels. When installing do not stretch. Apply directly off the roll on clean panels

  • Make sure washers are flush with the panels.

  • Do not over tighten screws. This can crack washers.

For further information, please contact us at 1-800-851-1085 or contact us via e-mail.


  1. Take a complete inventory prior to beginning construction.

  2. If any parts are missing or damaged call Customer Service at 800-851-1085. Parts will be delivered to you in 3 -1 0 working days.

  3. Make sure ground is level. Check unit for squareness throughout assembly.

  4. Do not anchor the unit until assembly is completed.

  5. Keep the Instruction Manual for future use.

  6. Building Permits - Check with local zoning codes.

  7. Door Location is always on the width dimension. All Model Numbers give the width dimension first. See examples below on some models for door locations.

  8. Do not assemble the building on a windy day.

Model# Door Location
HM65 6'
HM86 8'
HM108 10'
ES109 10'
PA1012 10'
LX1014 10'
VT1217 12'
VT1431 14'
YS47 4'
SP53 5'
BW54 5'
SW72 7'
CL72 7'


Finish:  For long lasting finish, periodically clean and wax the exterior surface.  Touch-up scratches as soon as you notice them on your unit.  Immediately clean the area with a wire brush; wash it and apply touch-up paint per manufacturer's recommendation.

Roof:  Keep roof clear of leaves and snow with long handled, soft-bristled broom.  Heavy amounts of snow on roof can damage building making it unsafe to enter.  In snow country, Roof Strengthening Kits are available for most Arrow Buildings for added protection against heavy snow accumulation. To verify if your building has a Roof Strengthening Kit call Customer Service at 800-851-1085 (press #1).

Doors:  Always keep the door tracks clear of dirt and other debris that prevent them from sliding easily.  Lubricate door track annually with furniture polish or silicone spray.  Keep doors closed and locked to prevent wind damage. 

Fasteners:  Use all washers supplied to protect against weather infiltration and to protect the metal from being scratched by screws.  Regularly check your building for loose screws, bolts, nuts, etc. and retighten them as necessary. 

Moisture:  A plastic sheet (vapor barrier) placed under the entire floor area with good ventilation will reduce condensation. 

Other Tips...............

  • Wash off inked part numbers on coated panels with soap and water.

  • Silicone caulking may be used for watertight seals throughout the building.

  • Do not store swimming pool chemicals in your building.  Combustibles and corrosives must be stored in air-tight approved containers.

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